Fight Back, Tumblr.


Today, I am burdened with an incredibly upsetting announcement. Last year, Tumblr was acquired by Yahoo!. Yahoo! attempted to make money from Tumblr, but failed. The cost of operating Tumblr vastly exceeds the income generated by the site.

Yahoo! has decided that as of April 14th, 2014, Tumblr will be shutting down.

I, however, will not let Tumblr be shut down without a fight. Let’s show Yahoo! that the users of Tumblr still have a little fight left in them.

How can you help save Tumblr?

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The best way to help show Yahoo! that we want Tumblr to live is by spreading the word. Show them that Tumblr still cares. Show them that Tumblr is worth the money.

Let’s show Yahoo! who’s boss.

Yours Truly,
David Karp

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